Dirty Doms Box Set by Various Authors

Tempting Tanner by Lori King
Beginnings: (Crawley Creek Prequel) by Lori King

: Dirty Doms Box Set
SERIES: Stand-alone
AUTHOR: Lori King, Jordan Ashley, Tara Crescent, McKinlay Thomson, C.P. Mandara, Juliet Braddock, Lucy Felthouse, Serena Akeroyd, Jade Belfry, TL Reeve

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Ten authors got together to give us a box set of BDSM stories – letting us “explore your darkest desires, and deepest secrets under the expert care of a sexy Alpha Dom.”

I bought this book mainly because of Lori King, but I also like discovering new authors and 9 of these names are brand-‘spanking’ new!

As always Lori satisfies, but then this is also a special gift of revisiting some of our favorite characters. Her writing brings every scene to life and engages your head and your heart – she’s a “I can’t put this book down” kind-of author – and this book is no exception!

The other books in the set: I have mixed feelings! And that’s what reading is to me; feelings/emotions! Getting lost in a fantasy, losing yourself in another ‘life’ – but in order to ‘be in the new world’ the words written have to touch me in some way and that’s where my dilemma lies. The set was good, and there were so many different types of stories (and kinks) that my mind had to take some time to switch gears between stories!

I do recommend the set, especially if you enjoy BDSM. And I did find some new authors to keep my eye on – Tara Crescent, TL Reeve and Serena Akeroyd…

Thank you authors for getting together and ‘letting us explore’!



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Jordan Ashley: Website | Facebook

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C.P. Mandara: Website | Facebook

Juliet Braddock: Website | Facebook

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Tempting Tanner by Lori King
Beginnings: (Crawley Creek Prequel) by Lori King