Honest Intentions (The Safeguard Series, Book Five) by Kennedy Layne

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TITLE: Honest Intentions (The Safeguard Series, Book Five)
The Safeguard Series
Kennedy Layne

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Ok, I just have to say – WOW! This series just keeps getting better and better. The Safeguard Series is just simply magnificent! Once that first page opens, you just can’t stop reading – it pulls you in, and you go willingly…waiting to see what happens next.

Coen and Brettany are perfect for one another – what is the saying about Good Intentions?! Kennedy’s writing brings us intrigue, plot twists and turns, indelible characters, deep and intoxicating emotions, unbelievable passion and undeniable love.

The Safeguard Series is wonderful and I can’t wait for the next and final installment. If you haven’t read these books, do yourself a favor and get the series – you will be drawn into this secretive world of security, danger, passion, and suspense. Each story, each word will capture your mind and heart – you become part of every single detail – feel it all deep down to your core.

Amazing job Kennedy – you are truly a gifted writer – thank you from a forever-faithful reader.


Kennedy-Layne-photoKennedy Layne — USA Today Bestselling Author

First and foremost, I love life. I love that I’m a wife, mother, daughter, sister…and a writer. I am one of the lucky women in this world who gets to do what makes them happy.

As long as I have a cup of coffee (maybe two or three) and my laptop, the stories evolve themselves and I try to do them justice.

I draw my inspiration from a retired Marine Master Sergeant that swept me off of my feet and has drawn me into a world that fulfills all of my deepest and darkest desires. Seductive romance, military men, intrigue, with a little bit of kinky chili pepper (his recipe), fill my head and there is nothing more satisfying than making the hero and heroine fulfill their destinies. I hope you’ll join me on their journeys…


Bulldog's Girls by Ann Mayburn
Alphas of Danger by Various Authors